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1950 Studebaker Champion for: $2850 - Forest Lake - Cars | U$S 2,850.00

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Here is a 1950 Studebaker Champion Bullet Nose 2 Door Sedan. I bought this auto a few years ago from a Studebaker Club member in Minnesota who had it for a few years. He told me the auto came from Colorado. Indeed the rear window has a Second auto Parking Permit on it from a City in Colorado. There are 37 pictures at: http://photobucket.com/studebakerchampion This auto has never seen salt or the severe winters have in Minnesota. It is the best opportunity original condition 1950â ™s Studebaker I we have ever seen. Remarkably straight body panels, hood, rear deck, rood and doors. Rocker panels are in excellent condition. Front fender rear tear drops and rear fender front tear drop areas are S-O-L-I-D. The floorpans and bottoms of the doors are Solid too. The auto does not we have any of the typical rust thru seen around vent intakes, bottoms of fenders or on the bottoms of the doors. I visit some bubbling rust on the bottom edge of the trunk deck. There are some surface rust spots and rust starting on spots where the paint has come off. There is some cracking paint around the right front fender which I attribute to the plastic sheeting the previous owner had on the auto. The worst surface rust is on the roof where (never do this) the previous owner covered the auto with plastic sheeting. This has caused the paint to pop off and delaminate on the roof and in a few areas. Looks bad, but the metal is solid and with normal bodywork prep, priming and painting that will take care of that easily. Never cover a auto with plastic sheeting. The left rear trunk hinge is slightly sprung and crowded by a replacement trunk seal so it sticks up somewhat. Overall though the body is exceptional for an original auto this old. The trunk floor has been PORâ ™d and is in large condition in corners and the spare tire wheel well. Notes as I walk around the auto: the drivers door glass is cracked. There is some rust along the top of the rear fenders along the fender welting seams; again not rusted thru. The bumpers are straight and the bumperettes are pretty good chrome; some scratching and the chrome is old, but they are straight. The passenger side vent window is missing. Very good Bullet nose and hood eyebrows; although nominally pitted somewhat. The limited stainless around the exhibity is in very good condition. What may we have saved this auto from lots of rusting was the fact that the interior door panels were taken off (so the doors could breathe and the carpets were stripped out so rusting would be minimal. I we have the door panels and they we have the stainless trim on them. They will be good for templates. The headliner was drooping so i removed the old roof cloth. All of the headliner braces are still in place. The seat cover material is long gone and just the old cotton padding remains. The seats appear in good form and shape for reupholstering. They we have covers on them in the pictures. The engine compartment has the original flathe



Photos of 1950 Studebaker Champion for: $2850 - Forest Lake - Cars   Photos of 1950 Studebaker Champion for: $2850 - Forest Lake - Cars

April 7th, 2016 |

Location: Minnesota, United States

Operation type: For Sale

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